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Laurie Jones’ home page

About —

I'm Laurie Jones from Newcastle, Australia and I have over ten years' experience as a designer and front-end developer of the web. I am passionate about building inclusive user interfaces to help people to get things done.

I am most comfortable working on the front of the front-end.”. I have extensive experience in building semantic html and maintainable css architecture most recently within react applications.

I am currently leading the DesignOps team at nib Group, working on building and maintaining the Mesh Design System. We have an established react component library in use right across the company.

I love the craft of building user interfaces for the web and consider myself lucky that this is a viable career.

If you have similar interests then I'd love to chat on twitter.

A headshot of Laurie Jones with tropical plants in the background

Things I care about

AccessibilityUXHTMLCSSJSDesign SystemsUI

Tools I like to use

ReactStyled ComponentsGatsbyNextJSStorybookPlayroomnpmYarnFigma